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The Cybersecurity Essentials Handbook For Small Organizations


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There has been a 600% increase in cyber threats since the pandemic, and cybersecurity premiums prices are surging as high as 50% or more.

Small-to-mid-sized organizations are especially prone to these threats, as they often don’t have the resources to combat them.

That’s why we created this free handbook – to empower organizations to understand their cybersecurity risk and take essential steps to better protect themselves.

Whether you're an administrator, C-Level exec, or an IT expert, this guide is packed with the foundational insights you need to secure your organization.

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  • 5 need to know cybersecurity terms and definitions
  • 3 dangerous myths about online protection, debunked
  • The proactive cybersecurity practices your organization needs to have to defend itself
  • 7 proven steps to recover if you are the victim of an attack
  • A proven checklist you can print and complete to assess your current security situation
  • And more!

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