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The Struggle is Real: Employee & Client Challenges in 2023…and How to Solve Them

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If your business is growing, you’re probably struggling with these two issues:

1. Recruiting and retaining great talent – Excelling at engaging employees means 23% higher profitability and 43% less turnover (Gallup). 

2. Keeping your customers happy – 61% of customers will take their business elsewhere after one bad experience (Zendesk). 

We address these concerns and more in our 60-minute webinar from May, 2023! In this webinar recording, you'll learn:

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New workplace trends for 2023, like how to modernize the employee experience while keeping your culture

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The rise in client expectations and how to address them

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How to capitalize your business’ growth on modern technology

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Meet Our Panel:

Jennifer Wilhelm

Jennifer Wilhelm

Chief Operating Officer

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh


Mark Markosky


The Markosky Engineering Group, Inc 


Willy McKain

Chief Operating Officer



Zack McKee

Network Account Engineer


Moderated By:

Rick Topping-1

Rick Topping

Chief Operating Officer



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